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Airin's Notes

Category: Windows 🠪 Startup
Chkdsk c: /f
October 26, 2021

Chkdsk c: /f
After running a chkdsk of the C: drive, Windows will reboot and run the scan. It will then reboot back into windows. To check the results, open Event Viewer, Application Log, and look for the Source to be Wininit.

Category: Windows 🠪 Startup
Create new Admin user
October 25, 2021

Create new Win10 user without password:
Boot from Win10 USB
Press Shift-F10
cd /d c:\windows\system32
copy utilman.exe utilman-.exe
copy cmd.exe utilman.exe
Press Ease of Access button in bottom right
net user useradmin /add
net localgroup Administrators useradmin /add
Reboot and login to useradmin account.
From admin cmd window:
cd /d c:\windows\system32
copy utilman-.exe utilman.exe
Over-right the file.

Category: Windows 🠪 Startup
Dell Computer Setup Bitlocker without notification
October 27, 2021
Try enabling UEFI/Secure Boot, PTT in BIOS.

Category: Windows 🠪 Startup
Password Reset
October 25, 2021

Run Command Prompt from Recovery Media
copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\
copy /y c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe
At login screen, tell it to restart while holding SHIFT.
Select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings. Select Restart. Choose the fourth option, Enable Safe Mode. It should no...<Too long, click to read the rest>

Category: Windows 🠪 Startup
UEFI Boot failure: bootrec /fixboot: Access is denied
October 27, 2021

Boot into Command Prompt from recovery media.
List disk
*** Make sure the disk has a * in the GPT column. If it doesn't, then this is not a UEFI drive, so you should follow the instruction for MBR instead.
Select Disk X
list vol
(Look for the 100-300MB partition with FAT32 filesystem, probably the last one)
sel vol X
assign letter=v:
...<Too long, click to read the rest>

Category: Windows 🠪 Startup
UEFI Freeware Configuration Utility
October 23, 2021

Keywords: EUFI, UEFI, Boot, Config, Startup, Boot Ice, Bootice

Category: Windows 🠪 Startup
Windows 10 won't boot, BCD error, blue screen on startup, etc
October 28, 2021

Windows 10 Partition Layout
2: Windows - Main Partition - 20GB+
3: Recovery - 300MB+ (I recommend 550MB)

1: SYSTEM - 100MB+ FAT32
2: MSR - 16MB Microsoft reserved partition
3: Windows - Main Partition - 20GB+
4: Recovery - 300...<Too long, click to read the rest>

Category: Windows 🠪 Startup
Windows 8 won't boot, BCD error
October 27, 2021

Likely also applies to Windows 10

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